Merida MTB-O Camp 2010

OK Øst Birkerød in cooperation with Pan Kristianstad welcomes you to join Merida MTB-O Camp, April 8.-11. 2010

Merida MTB-O Camp is a preseason kick-off, lots of MTB-O, socializing, low-intensity technical trainings.

21.04.2010 Blogs, press and photos
MTB-O Camp 2011
Bjarke Rosenbeck's blog
Jens Peter Gundorffs photos

Kristianstadsbladet article
Stodgells blog
Emilys blog
Picasa photos by Maria, Joergen, Pernille and Johan.
I will through the next weeks update this links to blogs, press and pages with photos. If you have any photos upload them to picassaweb, flickr or send me the best bunch and I will post a link.

11.04.2010 Foliforov and Benham winners of Merida MTB-O Camp 2010
Although Lasse Brun Pedersen was dominating with 3 Camp Cup victories, it was the reigning relay world champion Anton Foliforov who was the overall winner with only 1 bad race, he showed great consistency and when having a bad day, it usually still puts him in contention. Through the 5 days Anton was 22 seconds ahead of Lasse. Valeriy Glukhov, Russia, was overall third - and was actually the rider who could have won overall if the point system had been "minutes after winner" on each race.
Michaela Gigon was close to winning her third title, but young first-year senior Emily Benham took the overall victory, along with 2 stage victories. Ksenia Chernykh was third (also 2 stage victories). Best dane was Rikke Kornvig as number 4.
Junior classes was won by Andreas Konring (ML), Marie Brezinova (WL), Ivan Sherbakov (MS) and Julie Pallisgaard Brønniche (WS).
For more, click results in the menu.

11.04.2010 Emily Benham won the spectator draw of a brand new Merida Frame.
Merida sponsored a Merida HFS mountain bike frame, which was won by Emily Benham.

11.04.2010 Results ready
Results has been fixed and updated.

11.04.2010 Thanks for camp
Thank you everybody for making Merida MTB-O Camp 2010 memorable as always. I put on preliminary results. About 10 of you are missing on the list because of an error in my program - I am trying to fix it. Your time is approved.
Next year camp will be in Jylland, we will fix the dates so its not at the same time as World Cup. MTB-O Camp 2011

10.04.2010 Some photos from today
While we are waiting for the tight finish tomorrow, here are some photos from today.

10.04.2010 Andreas Proschowsky wins Diavolo Challenge
Junior Andreas Proscowsky won Päällikkoos Diavolo Challenge edging Britains Mark Stodgell in the final. After loosing his first round match, Andreas, stepped in when Anton Foliforov did not show up, and continued to win the whole lot. Defending champion Andreas Rief was beaten in second round by runner up Mark Stodgell.
The qualification time was set on a difficult 200 m course with 28 control. Diavolo Qualification Results

10.04.2010 Preliminary results ready
Click results in menu.

09.04.2010 Some photos from today

09.04.2010 Michi and Marek taking over the lead
After a fun day in Ravlunda Skjutfalt and Gropahalet with victories for Ksenia Chernykh, Lasse Brun Pedersen, Michaela Gigon and Anton Foliforov, the overall standing was shuffled. Marek Pospisek is putting pressure on the established riders in his first year as a senior, and Michaela Gigon is looking for her 3rd MTB-O Camp title.
Check out the results page for more info, split times on winsplits and map from the elite class. Pictures expected tomorrow.
The best 4 results of 5 will count!

08.04.2010 Bjarke and Em victorius on night short
Results page updated with PRELIMINARY results and splits. I know some of you have switched classes and so on. I will fix it as soon as possible.

07.04.2010 Bike wash and clean up.
The hotel prefers that you do not bring your bikes inside the rooms. There will be set up a bike wash somewhere in the vicinity of the hotel. Each room will have a small porch. The Villas have a small yard. If your bike is too valueable to leave outside, please make sure that it has been cleaned very throughouly.
When you leave your room sunday, you have to tidy up, bring out the trash, maybe sweep the floor, but do not need to do a big cleaning.

07.04.2010 Startlist ready
To get a smooth development of Camp Cup 3, Crying Mile, I have made a random startlist. The start will still be put n' ride, with 20 seconds start interval.

06.04.2010 Instructions (updated)
I wrote that further Instructions will be published today. However there is not so much you need to know, most of it is already in the detailed program. So to sum up:
- Check in at the hotel upon arrival (if you have paid for accomodation and meals).
- Check in with me at Villa 9, acroos the street after 19.00, before 24.00. You are welcome to try to catch me at other times during Wednesday night or anytime Thursday, but I might be in the forest setting out controls or running around beeing busy. It is especially important to check in if you need to rent a sport ident or you guys that are paying cash upon arrival.
- Your check out time Sunday depends on which room you are in, ask in reception.
- There will be some nice prizes in a draw at prize giving. You have to be PRESENT to get the prize!
- There will be some not-so-nice prizes to the winners, but they might taste good if you are thirsty!
- Villas (A) and Double rooms (B) do not need to bring bed linen, participants in the hostel (C) does need to bring bed linen.
- If you use plastic bag/covers for your map, I have 1 x A4 and 1 x A3 for you at check in. Just ask.
I am looking forward to seeing you all, (again)!

06.04.2010 Weather looks OK
Weather forecast SMHI (Swedish).

05.04.2010 Detailed program ready
Wow, now I am done with the detailed program. Here is almost everything you need to know about the camp program, trainings, maps, courses.
Detailed Program (word document).

Q: What about all the other stuff, about check in, and so on - where do I find info on that?
A: Relax, I have not written that, yet. That is still to come Tuesday in the Instruction!

01.04.2010 Early Arrival questions
I have received some questions about how to get a map if you arrive early. You go to Villa 9 at Hotel Åhus Strand. I will be there from Wednesday evening. If I am out, there will be a box outside with the map of Balsberget.

View MTBO camp 2010 in a larger map

01.04.2010 New IOF MTB-O Map Standards
We have worked on the new IOF MTB-O Map standard for a while. The standards will be valid from April 1st, although officially not approved until May. I have decided to make use of this new standard (as much as possible when drawing 6 maps in 6 days), although it has not been published yet. One of the changes are the 3 x 2 strack symbols are replaced by 4 x 2 symbols. The former "slow riding" has been replaced by 2 types of dashed lines, one representing 50-75%, the other shorter symbol for 25-50% speeds.

01.04.2010 World number 1's at camp
IOF world ranked top spot riders are long secured a spot at Merida MTB-O Camp 2010. Lasse Brun Pedersen, Denmark, and Michaela Gigon, Austria, have each 7 gold medals from European and World Championships. Michaela is by far the most winning rider with 22 medals overall, while Lasse only has 12. World number 2, Ruslan Gritsan, has won 6 gold medals and a total of 15 medals.
While Michaela is (double) defending champion of MTB-O Camp, Lasse has never won, although he took a early stage lead in 2009. In the end though, it is all about having fun at this point in the season, and getting some quality training - the shape for most elite riders should not top until July in Portugal.

31.03.2010 Program updated and venues (updated again)
Click here: Program
In the program there are links to google maps. I have not had time to figure out yet, how I get them all into one map.
Update 20:00: After drawing the map of Gropahalet today, I decided to include the supershort sprint Friday afternoon, Crying Mile (for some a familiar concept), in camp cup. It is very cool terrain with extreme dense network of paths with small hills and knolls everywhere. The course will be 1.5 km with 17 controls on a 1:1.500 map!
The focus for this training will be keeping cool and sticking to your own game plan while finding your way on the short legs between controls, not getting distracted by the other competitors flying all around you.
Friday morning will be totally different with only 10 controls on a 25 km course for Men Elite, 7 km for Women short - with a mass start, long legs and controls both on tracks and in the open military terrain. The focus here will be taking the right route choice through the large hills and keeping pace with front riders. There might be forkings. :-)

31.03.2010 Arrival
Upon arrival:
1) Check in at the Hotel (for those of you who have ordered accomodation and meals).
2) Check in at camp - Villa 9, across the street from the Hotel.
It is possible to get an extra training (Balsberget) if you arrive early, leave late or just cannot get too much MTB-O.

31.03.2010 Rooms
Togther with the hotel we have fixed who gets which rooms and villas for accomodation at camp.
A: Will be only villas. The villas have 3 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room.
B: Will be double or twin rooms. Some of you have requested a third bed in the room. That is possible and can be fixed upon arrival.
C: Strandvillan: Large typical swedish cottage - hostel-style with bunk beds.

See rooms: rooms.xls

26.03.2010 Severe weather change
In 2 weeks the weather have changed from -16 degrees and lots of snow to 19 degrees spring weather. Lets hope we will have the 5th MTB-O Camp in a row with (almost) no rain.

26.03.2010 Instruction publish date: April 6th.
Instruction is expected to be ready Tuesday April 6th. I will be going to Sweden totmorrow for the next 10 days to get everything in order, maps, courses, parking, hotel, etc.

26.03.2010 Getting a ride.
A couple of you will be flying in to Copenhagen and have asked if any body could give you a ride to the Hotel. Please write me if you have an extra space in your car for a person and a bike and I will try to forward requests to make sure that everybody makes it to Merida MTB-O Camp safely.

26.03.2010 Rooms and possibility for staying in single room
I will be sorting out who gets to stay in which rooms in cooperation with the hotel shortly. Some of you travelling alone have asked if it is possible to stay in a single room. Yes, it is. You will have to pay an extra amount upon arrival to the hotel. Please let me know. If not I will assign you to share a room with some other dude, who also signed up alone.

19.03.2010 News
An instruction with details about camp will be published April 6th.
The planned terrains will definitely be changed a bit. Due to some new No-bike-restrictions in certain areas of the planned terrains, I expect to move a couple of trainings to different locations. We will be very busy the next couple of weeks sorting that out and getting maps and courses ready.

14.03.2010 "Bytteboers" - bring your spare parts
A "bytteboers" will be set up at MTB-O Camp. You can give or take spare parts for free. If you have some spare parts, tools or other MTB stuff that you dont need anymore, then bring it camp and put it in the bytteboers box, and grab something else if you can use it.

09.03.2010 Swedish MTB-O Conference at Camp
The Swedish Orienteering Federations MTB-O group will be hosting a Swedish MTB-O Conference Saturday, April 10th, at Hotel Åhus Strand. World Champion Michaela Gigon will be one of interesting the speakers.
Per Spik, SOF: "Som vi bestämde på den första träffen i Solna angående MTB-O utvecklingen i Sverige så bör vi ta tillfället i akt att träffas igen i samband med MTB-O campen i Åhus 8-11 april. Jag bifogar en inbjudan till en dagkonferens för lördagen den 10 april. Eftersom det är 150 st av världens bästa mountainbike orienterare på plats så rekommenderar jag att om ni har möjlighet så passa på att medverka flera dagar på campen."

05.03.2010 Snow slowly disappearing
Month of March has come, and snow is disappearing slowly - now I am looking forward to going to Sweden and drawing the maps. It is going to be cool!

28.02.2010 Deadline tonight
140 riders have sent me final entry. If you did not make the deadline and still want to participate - then send me an email and we will work it out. There are still rooms available and maps will not be a problem - but shirts will be ordered very soon, so you might miss out.
Accomodation C - Strandvillan, the hostel is full. There a still plenty of rooms and villas type A and B.

22.02.2010 Deadline apporaching
I am back from vacation. I have received payments from most entries and updated the list. Thanks. 92 has sent me an entry form. I am missing quite a few people from the preliminary entries list. How about you Swedish guys? No entries yet.
Deadline for entry forms and payments are March 1st.

11.02.2010 February news
A slight change of plans has occurred. Saturday morning the camp cup will most likely be somewhere hilly like Degeberga, since permission for Kronoskogen was not given by authorities. Also the layer of snow is causing a bit of problems since I am not able to draw the maps. Looks like a busy March/April for me. Camp Cup maps will be prioritized.

My access to email next week is limited. If you do not get a reply from me on your entry form and payment - dont worry. I will get back to you Monday 22nd.

There is plenty of rooms in accommodation type A and B. The hostel Strandvillan (cat. C) is almost filled up by the Czech team. Some few rooms are available.
Deadline for entry forms and payments are March 1st.

31.01.2010 Final Entries and Payment
Invitation and entry form are ready.
Invitation: Word document (doc).
Entry Form: Excel file (xls).
Entry list with confirmed payments will be updated every other week. Too see updated list: Confirmed payments entry list.
Note: There is a limited number of spots in each accomodation category.
Deadline for entry forms and payments are March 1st.

21.01.2010 Final Entries Open February 1st.
February 1st the final entry form for Merida MTB-O Camp 2010 will open. I expect the final invitation to be published next week. Deadline for entries and payments will be March 1st.

21.01.2010 Merida sponsor of Merida MTB-O Camp
The name of the camp has officially changed to Merida MTB-O Camp.

09.01.2010 Snow in Sweden
I am getting a lot of emails about when you should do the final registration and how much the camp will cost. I have not finalized agreements with Hotel Aahus Strand yet, but expect the price for full camp will be somewhat the same as last year. About 250-300 euros incl. accomodation, 2 meals a day and trainings, competitions etc.
Also Pan Kristianstad is considering taking over 1 or 2 of the trainings during April 10th and 11th and making them part of the Swedish MTB-O Cup, which I think is likely to be established in 2010 by the new SOFT (the Swedish Orienteering federation) MTBO group.

What should you do? If you are already signed up for a preliminary entry, check back on this website every other week. I am hoping a bulletin will be ready by February 1st.
Expect the deadline for payment to be around March 1st.
I you are not preliminary signed up yet, send me a mail.

30.11.2009 December news
Great news! Accomodation will be in Åhus, just south of Krisitanstad. Permissions are coming along and it will be great.

Preliminary program:
08.04 21.00 Night Sprint - Åhus Skov
09.04 10.00 Middle - Äspet-Yngsjö
09.04 15.00 Training - Yngsjö-Gropahullet
10.04 10.00 Middle/Sprint (WRE?) - Kronoskogen
10.04 15.00 Training - Training - Horne Fura
10.04 20.00 Päällikkoo Diavolo Challenge
11.04 11.00 Long - (Hovdala/Balsberget/Ravlunda?)

A couple of map extracts from the terrains:

05.11.2009 November news
I am still working on getting permissions, finding the right maps and organizing accomodation. It looks like it will be great. Preliminary entries are updated every other week. Stay tuned!

22.09.2009 September news
Camp dates, April 8th-11th, are now official. I am receiving lots of preliminary entries. Thanks. I am updating the entry list every other week. However there are still some uncertainties about the camp. I have not yet confirmed permission to use the terrains, and accomodation is not yet settled. OK Pan Kristianstad have been extremely helpful so far, thanks for that. I hope to bring good news in October. All I am saying is - don't book flights yet. :-)

24.08.2009 Change of dates
Since Portugal has been given WRE dates April 17-18th I am considering changing the dates of Merida MTB-O Camp 2010 one week to April 8th-11th instead of April 15th-18th. The decission will probably not be ready until October.

12.05.2009 Welcome
Be sure to register well in advance. Only about 100 spots for you in 2010. Preliminary entries can be sent to The schedule for Merida MTB-O Camp 2010 will be announced in August.

Photos: Kenneth Lorentsen & Tage V. Andersen