MTBO Camp 2014, April 11th-15th

MTBO Camp is a preseason kick-off, lots of MTB-O, socializing, high intense competitions and low-intensity technical trainings.
Fri 21.00 Night Short - Galløkken
Sat 10.00 Long - Rytterknaegten (WRE)
Sat 14.00 Training - Almindingen
Sun 10.00 Middle - Blykobbe (WRE)
Sun 14.00 Crying Mile - Onsbaek
Sun 15.00 Training - Blemmelyng
Mon 10.00 Middle - Hasle Lystskov
Mon 14.00 Training - Raghammer
Tue 10.00 Ultralong - Bornholm

17.04.2014 Over and Out
Congratulations to Anton Foliforov and Emily Benham for the overall win in Men and Women elite. Thanks for the good mood and great spirits.
Next year MTBO camp will be back in the hands of Joern Svensen in Frederikshavn in northern Jutland.
MTBO camp 2015.

TV story on camp - 4 minutes in to the 19:30 show.

11.04.2014 Live (kind of) results and news
OK, so from now on, I am pretty much in camp mode and will have little time to do stories on the website. I will however try to post some stories and pictures on the MTBO camp facebook site. Please do the same.
There will be not real live results, but if I can manage I will continuosly upload preliminary results to the web adress below.
Results, splits and maps

11.04.2014 Favorites: All the rest

OK, so I was planning to do some more stories about the favorites, but more important preparations took all my time. Of course Michaela Gigon, the Tiger Woods of MTBO, was in scope (thanks for sending story) - I'll cut it short to: Did you know that after 2 years of not neing a professional athlete, Michi is not really sure that working for a living is her thing.
In women elite I would also have low odds for former world champion Rikke Kornvig, who surely have not forgotten how to navigate, and young Camilla Soegaard, who was voted MTBO rider of the year in Denmark in 2013 after winning 2 silver medals at European and World champs. Olga Vinogrado must be one of the top favorites after winning 2 world ranking events in Turkey last weekend as well of the world cup in Portuigal in October.
In Mens class Erik Skovgaard Knudsen will not be starting after a nasty broken collar bone last week, but among the favorites not yet mentioned I would keep an eye on multi world champion Anton Foliforov, who has previosly won MTBO camp, partly because of a supreme effort on the Crying Mile 2010, and also Luca Dallevalle and the pretty much all the czech guys as outsiders.

11.04.2014 Superbrugsen - shopping
MTBO camp recommends that you do your shopping at Superbrugsen in Hasle. Yeah!

07.04.2014 Startlists published

Startlists are ready and approved by the event advisor.
Check out the entries in: Startlist All
Seperate startlist for the 2 world ranking events can be found from the main menu on the left.
And here is a quick overview of course length and number of controls gathered in one table: Course overview.

06.04.2014 Bulletin 3/4 - published
Bulletin 3/4 is published. Check it out here: Bulletin 3/4.
Major news is that Sport Ident Air+ touch free system will be used (if it arrives in time). Read more about this in the bulletin.
WRE courses are ready, maps are printed and ready for some action.

04.04.2014 Massage and Aloe Vera products
Massage can be booked with Charlotte. Charlotte will be present at the event area and at Hasle Feriepark. Charlotte also offers Forever Living products and samples of Argi+, Aloe Vera fuel with power for the legs.
For massage booking, ask Charlotte at the event area or call (+45) 23 41 39 92. The price is 350 DKK for 30 minutes, 450 DKK for 60 minutes.

04.04.2014 Gourmet cuisine Bornholm

Bornholm has in recent years developed into a gourmet cuisine destination for tourism. The original Kadeau is a Michelin star (their copy restaurant in Copenhagen) awarded restaurant located on the edge of the Raghammer map where Monday afternoon training is held. However they do not open for season until Wednesday April 16th.
Saturday WRE event area is located next to Ekkodalshuset and Cafe Genlyd. Be sure to try their braised rib roast sandwich with coleslaw.
Sunday WRE event area is at Hotel Skovly, open for cofee and cake.
Monday morning camp cup will have start and finish at the smoke houses in Hasle, Hasle Roegeri, where you are able to try their Fish buffet at a special MTBO camp price at 120 DKK. Check out how herrings are smoked and prepared.
When I grew up this was far from a toursit destination. Instead it was the home of local Hells Angels gang of supporters "Knaggarna" and their motorbikes. Money and effort was put into establishing Hasle as a toursit destination and the old smoke house once again florish and brings on lots of tourist-filled busses throughout the summer.
Or how about a stop at "Best dinner 2012" in the Danish restaurant guide at Stammershalle Badehotel.
Check out more about Bornholm products and foods:

02.04.2014 Ferry shop discount
The ferry company Faergen has kindly offered all competitors of MTBO camp a 15% discount on everything (except newspapers) in the shop and cafeteria. You need to identify that you are a participant by showing the following letter in Danish at the shop and cafeteria.
The letter can be found here: discountletter.pdf - please print the letter and bring it along on the ferry if you want the discount.
The discount is only valid on the ferry when arriving to Bornholm, not departing Bornholm.

02.04.2014 A nostalgic look back in time: MTBO camp 2006

Do you remember when a 26'er was just a MTB because nothing else existed - and having a fork with suspension was comfartable, but not necessarily optimal for MTBO (yes, we actually spent a whole evening discussing that exact topic), well, that was back in the days of MTBO camp 2006.
MTBO had just reached Denmark, although a few riders had competed in international events. Simon Seger was the star along with some guy Mika Tervala - that everyone literally looked up to (thinking you had to be at least 2 m tall to be successful in MTBO). Anke Dannowski was twice world champion, and hey, my wife was the Danish champion at that time.
The sunshine island Bornholm where I was born and raised had been covered with 2 metres of snow which was just now melting, which meant kind of wet tracks. Some snowdunes were still visible on the top of the tallest "mountain" Rytterknaegten... well actually there are also some snow left this year.
The event center was a laptop on top of a empty case of beer (where did they go) - and the tallest building on Bornholm was exactly that - the tallest building on Bornholm (you'd have to be there).
Back then, the maps were just regular foot orienteering maps and the people was just happy enough to finish the Høker, because it was 70 km, straight line. Wait... its also 70 km this year. But at least we invented the worlds first MTBO mix sprint 2x2 relay. Have fun! Enjoy the pics, and see them in full size on the facebook site.

01.04.2014 New Sprint added
Updated 02.04.2014: This was obviously an aprils fool joke, Ha!.
It is our pleasure to announce that we have been granted permission to use the most easternly place in Denmark, Christian's Island and Frederiks Island (connected by a bridge) northeast of Bornholm for a MTBO sprint race. The islands are inhabited by 120 people and offer some cool tracks and narrow village streets making it very suitable for an urban MTBO sprint.
The Christian's Island Ferry has been booked specially for our 250 riders and bikes. The ferry ride is 60 minutes each way and will depart from Gudhjem Monday at 8:30 arriving for the first start at 10:00. The sprint replaces the short distance in Hasle Lystskov.
IOF has approved that riders in classes ME and WE at the sprint will also be awarded WRE-points, acknowledging the many elite riders present at MTBO camp.
Maps of the islands can be seen here at Google Maps.
During the sprint a map and bike change will be possible, finishing the last part of the race in a pedalo (paddle boat).

01.04.2014 Bulletin 3/4 on its way
10 days to MTBO camp. Bulletin 3/4 is prepared and is expected to be published on Saturday, April 5th.
Until then, stay tuned for some minor news the next couple of days.

01.04.2014 Favorites, part 6: Dreadlocked world champ
Short stories about this year's camp favorites will be published the next couple weeks.

Cecilia (Cissi) Thomasson is the reigning world (sprint) and european (long) champion. However a seriuos injury has put her 2014 season in jeopardy, what seemed like an overstrengthed hamstring, may be a stress fracture which means lots of rehab. Perhaps the world champs in August are still within reach, though. Cecilia knows about this stuff. She has been working as a nurse, but is now studying medicine to become a doctor.
Although being introduced to MTBO in 2003 already (by Ingrid Stengaard), it was not until 2010 Cecilia did her first competition and she quickly became one of the top riders in the world. Cecilia has a solid orienteering technical background growing up in Ulrichhamn, spending all her childhood and youth in orienteering. She even made the Swedish national junior team. But she got tired of competing and found herself for years in the mountains, doing outdoor stuff like backcountry skiing, downhill mountainbiking, truckdriving and working as a climbing- and skiinstructor.
Did you know: Cecilia is easy recognizable by her cool long Harlaut-like dreadlocks. In fact they are 7 years old. She admits that the locks are getting quite heavy and blow-drying them after a muddy bike ride takes forever. So perhaps they'll be a bit shorter for this season.

25.03.2014 250 entries reached
We reached 250 entries today. We are having 3-4 guys back on Bornholm for the next 3 days to check the terrains and courses again. A quick sort and count on the entry list gives this number of riders pr. class:
ME: 66
ML: 71
MS: 34
WE: 33
WL: 16
WS: 19
CK: 11

16.03.2014 Reminder: AutoPilot Mapholder offer
You can order the mapholder AutoPilot for a special discount price and pick it up at MTBO camp 2014. The offer is done in collaboration with the Danish distributor of AutoPilot.
Click on the add below to see the details.

12.03.2014 Favorites, part 5: Miss MTBO and Mr. Ski-O

Short stories about this year's camp favorites will be published the next couple weeks.

They are both professional athletes and share the same goal of becoming the world champion. However for Emily Benham its MTBO, for Hans Jørgen Kvåle its Ski-O. They are actually not that far from their goal. Emily became european champion last year in Poland, and today Hans Jørgen won gold at the European Ski-O Championship in Russia (relay). For sure these two competitative spirits will be in contention at Bornholm.
Oddly, they find themselves almost alone representing their nations (Great Britain and Norway) at the highest level of MTBO. Both nations with lots of orienteering tradition. Sadly, MTBO suffers from permissions issues in Britain resulting in only few events. Norway should have great potential, but so far only little interest have been given. Emily and Hans Jørgen are working on changing that.
Did you know: Emily grew up in Salisbury Wiltshire, near Stonehenge, but now lives in Hans Jørgens hometown of Brandbu. Although being a full time athletes she also does some mapmaking work and works as a mechanic at the local bike shop. Perhaps putting the most effort into building herself a sub 8 kg 29er for this season. Hans Jørgen "job" is being the chairman of the Ski-O athletes commission. Actually he only does MTBO to improve his Ski-O skills.
Read full interview here and do not mis the invite to the unofficial world championship in fat bike orienteering.

04.03.2014 Favorites, part 4: Ruslan Gritsan

Short stories about this year's camp favorites will be published the next couple weeks.

Ruslan Gritsan has been the world champion on the long distance a massive 4 times (2005, 2007, 2008, 2012). It is no surprise that Ruslan feels that he is predisposed for the long distance. However the race that stands out as special for him was the World champs Middle distance in 2005, where he won gold in his first international MTBO appearance. That year was truly special since he won all individual gold medals in both MTBO and SkiO, an accomplishment no one has been able to copy since. But overcoming only being able to see with one eye ranks perhaps even higher than the medals for Ruslan Gritsan.
Moscow based Ruslan works as a orienteering coach at a children's sports school with 150 kids from the age of 7.
He sure is an example for immitation. Do you recognize the kids on Ruslan's shoulders taken 12 years ago? That is in fact young Tatiana Repina and Grigory Medvedev, who both went on to become junior world MTBO champions.

Did you know: Ruslan has been the unlucky no. 4 at the world champs a record 11 times. Last year alone he finished 4th in sprint, middle and relay and 5th on the long distance.
Oh, and then Ruslan is also a handy craftsman, he both build saunas and wooden houses, including the local club house.

01.03.2014 Favorites, part 3: Kevin Haselsberger
Short stories about this year's camp favorites will be published the next couple weeks.

Kevin Haselsberger, the always happy Austrian guy, is perhaps not among the top top favorites, but he could be a dangerous outsider finishing 2013 season strong with a 4th and 6th place at the world cup in Portugal in October.
Villach based Kevin started MTBO in 2005 when an injury forced him to quit alpine skiing. He soon picked up the mental and physical challenges.
At the world champs 2012 in Hungary Kevin had his best results finishing 10th individually and winning a bronze medal in the relay. In 2014 Kevin is focussing 100% on MTBO, trying to become the best MTBO athlete.
Did you know: In 2009 Kevin was in a focus in the Austrian newspapers because of the perfect snapshot of his flying crash taken at the JWOC middle distance finish line by Leos Bogar. Kevin lost his sport ident card during the crash and had to spend time searching for it before finally punching the finish control at a disappointing 4th place. The next day Kevin became junior world champion on the long distance. No surprise - Denmark is Kevin's favorite MTBO destination.
Video of the crash on youtube.

01.03.2014 Favorites, part 2: Finish veteran with the Olympic dream
Short stories about this year's camp favorites will be published the next couple weeks.

Ingrid Stengård is a current world and european champion (relay). Almost double the age of the youngest riders in the Finnish national mtb-o team, Ingrid did her first mtb-o races before they were even born. She has an impressive record of consistant top results, being in top 10 for a straight 20 world ranking events in a row. Most of these events resulted in a medal around Ingrid's neck.
However, MTBO is not even her primary focus anymore. Although she does a lot of bike training in harsch snowy and windy winter condition at the reindeer national park near Venabu Fjellhotell, where Ingrid currently works as a ski instructor, snowshoing guide and bartender, her main goal is becoming the best Finish woman at the 2018 Olympic Games in the discipline Ski mountaineering. That is, if the discipline makes it as a Olympic Sport.
Did you know: Ingrid has 12 european championship medals and 11 world championship medals. Ingrid is know as pretty darn tough. One thing is "finish"-ing 8-10 days non stop adventure races. At World champs in Poland 2008 Ingrid hurt her shoulder quite badly and had to ride the rest of the event (photo) with only 1 hand on the handlebars. She was eventually 4th in the long distance, only 1 second from the bronze medal. She bounced back some days later with a relay gold.

27.02.2014 Favorites, part 1: Racing Viking and his suffering partner
Short stories about this year's camp favorites will be published the next couple weeks.

Erik Skovgaard Knudsen and Bjarke Refslund are definitely among this year's favorites. Erik, Funen-native, was on the top of his game when he stopped compeeting MTBO in 2011 after becoming world champion (relay) and swept all 3 individual European champion titles in Russia. Along with partner Rikke Kornvig he initiated a semipro MTB XC marathon team for a while, Racing 29ers, which has developed into Erik having a sort of laid-back "ride hard but have fun" image.
The last couple of years Erik has explored the world participating in the world's most famous MTB stage races and in pursuit of the best trails and most fun.
Do not underestimate his power, he has won MTBO camp twice (2009, 2011) and I am guessing a third title is very likely.
Did you know: Erik is notoriously known for his big beard, which makes him easy to spot and has contributed to his image as "Racing Viking". He is even photo modelling for the Danish fashion celebrity Jim Lyngvild. Erik and Rikke recently bought a house in Silkeborg and he works as an architect.

Bjarke Refslund, Danish Champion 2012 and 2013, became world champion (relay) in 2011. He has yet to reach to the podium individually at the world champs though, and this has been a continues ambition throughout the years. Perhaps a bit less now since Bjarke is focusing on competitive Adventure Racing as well. Still, he remains ranked as the best Danish rider the last couple of years.
These last days of February Bjarke is riding Andalucia MTB stage race in Spain with Erik (see muddy photo above). It was in a similar stage event, TransAlp, that Erik and Bjarke gained their nickname "Racing Viking and his suffering partner".
Did you know: Bjarke was political active for a number of years in the Socialist People's Party as well as Chairman for the Union of Danish Students. Bjarke is a PhD in political and social science and works at Aalborg Univeristy. Bjarke is quite clever, in fact, last year Bjarke went on the TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire" and won the grand prize. Although Bjarke denies running for president, I would not be surprised to see him as Danish Prime Minister one day.
20.02.2014 Video clip from terrain
The local TV station TV2 Bornholm made a story about MTBO camp while I was in the forest today checking the tracks. Get a sneak peak view of the great tracks we will be riding at MTBO camp in april.
TV2 Bornholm clip

20.02.2014 2015 dates set
Sr. sergent Svensen and his troops are hosting MTBO camp yet again in 2015 (its becoming a biannual tradition) and once more it will be in the northern part of Jutland. Thats great cause there are a lot of terrains to choose from and Svensen announced that new exciting terrains will be used. The dates are April 15th-19th 2015.
20.02.2014 Entries pr. class - 50 days to go
A quick sort and count on the entry list gives this number of riders pr. class:
ME: 56
ML: 64
MS: 31
WE: 33
WL: 14
WS: 18
CK: 11

20.02.2014 World class field
Among the 227 entered riders we have no less than 21 current or former World- and European MTBO champions (and I have not even begun counting junior champs). Thats right, 21! You'll find them in the entry list with capital letters in the SURNAME. Oh, and in case you wondered, all previous winners of the 8 MTBO Camps since 2006 have gone on to become either World- or European Champions.

18.02.2014 Preparations
This week I am back on Bornholm to meet with landowners, sponsors and check the maps (again). It is beginning to look awesome. Here is a couple of pics - check the larger versions on the MTBO camp facebook page.

12.02.2014 Save money: Car pool and room sharing
So I have some people writing me that they would like to get a ride to Bornholm and so far one who would like to share a room or appartment. If you have room in your car from Copenhagen to Bornholm for more people and bike(s) please write me and I will hook you up. Also, if you have booked an appartment or room at the hostel and would like the company of another fellow MTBO rider please also contact me.
Another option is to use the MTBO camp facebook site.

07.02.2014 Slight programme change
We decided to modify the programme slightly. The traning Saturday afternoon will be in Almindingen next to the WRE terrain with focus on a technical MTBO training concept. The Mini-Høker planned for Saturday afternoon will be integreated in the ultralong distance Tuesday, which has the start/finish area moved to the event center in Hasle. The Høker will not be part of the camp cup.

07.02.2014 Approved rules deviation
IOF approved the following rules deviation. Start interval on the WRE long distance will be 2 minutes (not 3) beacuse of the tight programme. A method for seperation of caught up riders are planned (either butterflies or loops.
IOF did not approve taking the map at the start moment. For the 2 WRE races riders will take the map 1 minute prior to the start.

01.02.2014 Missing shirt size and payments
The number of entries almost doubled the last 2 weeks (yeah) and I have received payments (or notification that it is on its way next week) from many of you. Thanks. However I am missing information about shirt size on the sponsor gift from more than 60 of you. Please send me that size, or I will have to make a qualified guess on your size. Expect it to be something like the 2009-hoodie sweatshirt.
Information about payments, shirt size, etc is to be found in the entry list which updated almost daily.

27.01.2014 Hasle Vandrerhjem
As I wrote a couple of days ago Hasle Feriepark is sold out but you can get similar appartments in Allinge through the accomodation booking. The hostel in Hasle (Danhostel Hasle) is less than 500 m away from the event center and will be happy to have mountainbikers staying at the hostel April 11th-15th. The online booking is however not open for this period, so you will have to book by mailing them or giving them a call. The address and number is on their site.

24.01.2014 Event Advisor Clinic Invitation
IOF has published the official invitation and entry form for the event advisor clinic which will run April 13th and 14th at MTBO camp. Check it out here: IOF Event Advisor Clinic.

24.01.2014 Accomodation sold out
Hasle Feriepark is sold out. It is still possible to book through the accomodation website and the staff will help you book similar appartments at Storloekke Feriepark in Allinge, 12 km from Hasle. At Storloekke Feriepark it is also possible to choose between 2-, 4- or 6-person appartments. You could also choose to book a room at one of the hostels, hotels or perhaps a summerhouse. Accomodation possibilities are plenty. Check out the Tourist information of Bornholm.

09.01.2014 Deadlines, sponsor gift and O-service
A reminder for the deadline for entry and payment January 31st. Entry is still possible after this deadline at the same price (100 euros), but you will probably not be receiving the special sponsor gift we are working on.
Uh, you may wonder what it is - definitely not a bike jersey this year, it will remain a secret (basically because we have not decided yet). It may be a shirt and if it is, it may shrink a bit during first laundry, so be sure to check your size currently registered in the entry list and send me an update if you want to adjust the size.
For Danish participants only: Der er nu også åbnet for tilmelding via o-service, så man også kan klare betaling via sin klub. Det er ikke et krav at bruge o-service, men send også gerne en mail til mig med trøje størrelse. Husk dog at hvis du indbetaler start afgift personligt til mig og også tilmelder dig via o-service, så skal du selv justere startafgiften i o-service til 0 kr. Ellers bliver det noget rod. Tak.

03.01.2014 Official World Cup training
MTBO camp is the official training for the first round of the 2014 MTBO World Cup in North Zealand. The World Cup will offer sprint, long and relay competitions. Check out the website for the World Cup event:

01.01.2014 Happy New Year
Happy New Year! 93 riders have entered so far from 8 different nations (DEN, SWE, NOR, FIN, GBR, HUN, SUI, CZE). Entry fee payments received are marked in the entry list with green color.

31.12.2013 Fallen trees
The storm (hurricane) that hit Northern Europe a month ago resulted in the highest wind speeds ever recorded in Denmark. On Bornholm that has resulted in some few areas with fallen trees in the terrains we will use for MTBO camp. Luckily it does not seem to be very severe. I spent the Christmas holidays riding the terrains checking for fallen trees and obstructions. It does not look to bad and I am hoping the forestry men will be removing most of them before April.

12.12.2013 Bulletin 1/2 published
Bulletin 1/2 is published. Not much new information - but all the official stuff that has to be there according to the rules. The new 2014 winning times for women will be used in the WRE races. Bulletin 1/2

10.12.2013 Open MTBO Forum
Saturday evening there will be a Open MTBO Forum, where you will be able to discuss various topics with each other and the participating members of the IOF MTBO Commission. Perhaps we will have a sneak peak presentation of the soon-to-be MTBO sprint standard. The Open MTBO Forum will be just after prize giving Saturday.

28.11.2013 50 riders entered already
Entries are pouring in, my mailbox is stuffed. The Czech Natonal team announced that they are participating. "Na Zdravi!"
Check out who else have signed up for MTBO Camp 2014 here: ENTRY LIST

28.11.2013 Event Adviser Clinic
IOF is throwing a "party" at MTBO Camp. Not only can you participate in 2 world ranking events. You also get to become a certified IOF event advisor if you join the Event Advisor Clinic. Currently the Clinic is scheduled for Sunday night and all day Monday with a 3 hour gap for riding the camp cup 5 (right outside the location) and lunch. It will be great, the mighty MTBO boss Sandor Talas will be your teacher! Stay tuned...

28.11.2013 Entry Fee: 100 euros
"Show me the money!" Indeed camp is not free. The entry fee for MTBO camp 2014 is 100 euros (or 750 DKK), a bit cheaper than last year. If you enter and pay before January 31st 2014. Kids riding the "Cool Kids" class participates for free. Remember to note your name in the money transfer.
Danish participants: Account 2464-6268321282 or MobilePay 30757393.
International participants: IBAN DK8720006268321282, Swift NDEADKKK.
Accomodation is paid directly to Hasle Feriepark upon booking. There might be an additional small charge if you need to rent sport ident.

28.11.2013 AutoPilot Mapholder
You can order the mapholder AutoPilot for a special discount price and pick it up at MTBO camp 2014. The offer is done in collaboration with the Danish distributor of AutoPilot.
Click on the add below to see the details.

20.11.2013 2 world ranking events
Do you need one extra reason for going to MTBO camp Bornholm? Well, how about that 2 of the camp cup (April 12th and 13th) races have been upgraded to world ranking events. Now you have the chance to boost up your ranking, perhaps gaining those extra last points for your national federation to receive the extra WOC long distance starting slot! The Danish Orienteering Federation have asked to take on 2 world ranking events and we are happy to do so. The camp will still remain low profile cool, but we promise to do our best to secure the high quality IOF stuff that goes with being a world ranking event. Hell, we might even kick in a speach from a local politican. :-)
Check out where you are at in the IOF World Ranking.

04.10.2013 Locations
Permissions have now been granted to all the terrains used for MTBO camp trainings. Click here to see a map of the locations for MTBO camp 2014 trainings.

04.10.2013 Mapping and terrains
A lot of work have been put in to surveying and converting the existing foot-o maps into MTBO maps. We are not done yet but we aim to have all maps done before winter and snow set in. A couple of the maps have Click here to see low resolution of old foot-o maps and extracts from the new MTBO maps.

01.10.2013 Classes
ME = Men Elite (M21E)
WE = Women Elite (W21E)
ML = Men Long (M21A, M20, M40)
WL = Women Long (W21A, W20, W40)
MS = Men Short (M17, M50)
WS = Women Short (W17, W50)
CK = Cool Kid (W/M13, Beginners)

01.10.2013 Accomodation
Accomodation is handled by Hasle Feriepark, where the event center will be. We encourage all competitors to stay here but it is up to yourselves. The owners have put up a online reservation system where you will be able to book both accomodation and ferry or just accomodation.
Please click this link to go to Hasle Feriepark accomodation booking site

01.10.2013 More ferry
There is a ferry from Ystad, Sweden which runs often, a ferry from Germany which runs once in a while and a ferry from Copenhagen (Køge) which runs almost every night.

01.10.2013 Preregistration opens
The preregistration is now open. Send email to with name, sport ident number, birthyear, class and shirtsize.
Check out who else signed up here.


WORLD CUP, May 15-18