MTBO Camp 2016, April 20th-24th

MTBO Camp is a preseason kick-off, lots of MTB-O, socializing, high intense competitions and low-intensity technical trainings.
Wed 15:00 – 18:00 Check in, late payments.
Wed 21.00 Night Short – Åhus N – Camp Cup 1
Thu 10.00 Middle – Bockeboda (at Kristianstad) – Camp Cup 2
Thu 14.00 Training – Bockeboda
Thu 16.00 Model event – Åhus N
Thu 19:30 Prize giving
Fri 10.00 Sprint (WRE) – Furuboda / Gropahålet Camp Cup 3
Fri 15.30 Training – Kronoskogen – Camp Cup 4
Fri 19:30 Prize giving
Sat 10.00 Middle (WRE) – Äspet-Yngsjö – Camp Cup 5
Sat 14.00 Training – Äspet-Yngsjö
Sat 19:30 Prize giving
Sun 10.00 Ultralong Höker – Different maps south of Åhus


30.04.2016 Maps
Map cup1 ME
Map cup1 WE
Map cup2 ME
Map cup2 WE
Map cup3 ME
Map cup3 WE
Map cup4 ME
Map cup4 WE
Map cup5 ME
Map cup5 WE
27.04.2016 Overall Results UPDATED
And here are the complete overall results. Cup 1 results are adjusted for daylight penalties and I have tried to "disqualify" M60/65 riders on cup 3 and 5 who were competing in ML classes (but riding MS courses on these 2 events). Since some of that was manual work I might have overseen a few. I wish you happy result-nerding!
26.04.2016 Overall Results
OK, so there are some preliminary overall results that Tage calculated. They are in this excel sheet preliminary results. However, I am not sure that it have been adjusted for daylight penalties on camp cup 1, and only the top riders in each class is included. Also CK is missing. I am requesting the export from the sport ident program and will look into calculating a complete overall result list later this week. Lets say Thursday evening.
25.04.2016 Results
Wow, how about THAT for a camp! Thanks again organizers, competitors and weather gods. Results can be found from the links on the left - in the menu, give Tage and B-G some time to adjust Hoeker, overall and night-distance daylight penalties - and it will be ready soon. Feel free to share photos, videos and blog posts on the facebook site. Next years camp will be in Frederikshavn April 26th-30th. Congratulations Grisha and Marika (again-again) with the overall victories.
14.04.2016 Bulletin 2 online
Find it here. Bulletin 2.
09.04.2016 260 entries and one more reminder
More news from event director Tage: News about entries and payment.
02.04.2016 Remember payment
News from Event director Tage: News about entries and payment.
26.03.2016 More than 200 entries
More than 200 entries now. Check it out.
16.03.2016 Many offers from Autopilot/Abel-Nielsen
Lots of exciting offers from our sponsor Abel-Nielsen MTBO equipment and Autopilot. Take a look here offer.pdf.
27.02.2016 More and more entries are coming in
Until now 115 participants have sent in their entry.
They are coming from 10 nations:
Austria: 1
Czech Republic: 15
Denmark: 45
Finland: 10
France: 2
Germany: 5
Greenland/Denmark: 1
Norway: 3
Portugal: 1
Sweden: 32

Some have been in doubt and asked, but:
The two WRE’s are included in the paying for the total MTBO Camp (100€, 750 DKK, 920 SEK).
27.02.2016 Information about classes
Please read the following about classes: classes.pdf.
01.02.2016 The entries are coming in
Until now 70 participants have sent in their entry.
They are coming from 7 nations:
Austria 1
Czech Republic 15
Denmark 28
Finland 7
Germany 5
Norway 3
Sweden 11

Those coming from most far away may be the 3 persons from Norway from Tromsoe in the most northern part of Norway about 2000 km from Åhus.

The two WRE’s, 22 and 23 April 2016, will also be a part of the World Masters Series ( For these events there will be separate classes of 5-years as indicated in the entrylist.

There are still free rooms at;; and Täppets B&B 0046733382711. But don’t wait too long.

20-12-2015 Autopilot sponsor
Autopilot and Abel Nielsen is sponsoring map boards. There will also be a special Camp offer. See facebook for more info.

01.12.2015 Bulletin 1 published
Here it is: Bulletin 1
24.10.2015 Planning
The event direction team has begun planning MTBO camp 2016, which will be back in the beachside town of Åhus, Sweden, where camp was held in 2010. A preliminary program has been announced, but is subject to change. Dates are April 20th-24th. Prices for the event and for accomodation are negotiated and will be published December 1st. Different levels of accomosation will be offered.

The event planning team consist of a Danish-Swedish joined effort of Jan Hausner, Tage V. Andersen, Max Svensson and Bent-Gøran Månsson.

24.10.2015 Wham, bam - and we are online!
OK, so here is the website for MTBO camp 2016. However I expect we will use the facebook site extensively as well, since its easier to publish short news and for people to comment and question things.

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