March 30th – April 4th 2007     Preseason MTB-O Training Camp

Welcome to Camp 2007 – Jammerbugten. In the North-West part of Denmark 5 days of great forests and fun await you. The camp is open for all mountainbike orienteerers but our main goal is to prepare elite riders for the new season.



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Schedule for Camp


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Schedule for set/get controls


Instruction (important to read!)


List of appartments and rooms


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MTB-O Camp 2008 will be in the forests near Silkeborg April 17-20 2008. Check out the new website:


More photos from Lars Holm updated: Photos Diverse omtaler:
Team CoastZone: Link
Team Anneberg: Link
Team Fusion: Link


MTB-O Camp 2008 will be in the forests near Silkeborg April 17-20 2008. All trainings will be within biking distance of the hostel. The Camp is expected to be the official training camp for EOC 2009 Denmark (if EOC is handed to Denmark). More information will be posted on as soon as the plans are settled. On this website you can also find information about Friluftsland MTB-O Cup 2007.


More photos from Diana and Michael K S updated: Photos


On the photopage is now photos from myself (Johan) and Gunner. Photos


Thanks to everyone for making it a great camp. Preliminary results have been uploaded. Photos and maps will be avaiable about a week from now. If you have photos please send me a CD, FTP-link or zipped low-resolution files (max. 10MB). I would very much like to know what you thought about MTB-O Camp 2007. Specially bad things so we can correct them next year. Most likely there will not be a camp due to risk of snow, but instead we will make a 3-4 day event sometime in the spring.

TV2 Nord feature on Allan Jensen: Video-link.
DOF: story World of O: story


For those of you who don't want to bring your fancy expensive headlight for camp cup 3, you should take a look in Netto (cheap Danish Supermarket) this week. They have a xenon-kind-of-small-strap-on-head-light. I tried it out and its actually pretty good! The price is kr. 29.95 (about 4 euros). For you foreign guys there is a Netto in Fjerritslev at the bus-stop, but I am not sure if they have any headlamps left on friday.


... and now also Instruction.


List of appartments and rooms is now available. I have tried to fit people in the rooms after their own wishes. Most of the appartments have a living room/kitchen and then 2 rooms for sleeping. One has a doublebed and the other bunkbeds for 3 persons.


Instruction and list of appartments and rooms will be available on this website friday evening.


I have now posted a schedule/list of person for setting and gathering of controls during camp. Check out your task.


Lots of notable riders are participating in MTB-O Camp and although Camp is not really about the competition but the training you might just want to tag along a bit if one of these riders pass you in the forest. Profiles.


Here is some specific information for the Danes (thats why its in Danish):
Kørsel. Jeg laver ikke deciderede kørselsplaner i år. Mangler du og din MTB et lift til og fra Camp, eller har du en bil med plads til flere end dig selv, så vil jeg opfordre jer alle til at bruge OK Øst Birkerøds forum Snakkehjørnet til at annoncere med det, så flest mulige kan få gavn og spare nogle penge på samkørsel.
De folk som allerede har annonceret med at de har brug for et lift og dem der har plads i bilen lægger jeg på snakkehjørnet i morgen. Snakkehjørnet kræver hverken medlemskab eller login. Snakkehjørnet.
Og husk, jer lokale som ikke skal bo med os på Slettestrand, hvis I vil med til Banquetten tirsdag aften koster den 150 kr. og skal bestilles i forvejen. Banquetten er med i prisen for overnatning.


It is possible to buy Miry mapholders at MTB-O Camp. If you want to be sure to get one you need to put in your order by Thursday 15th of March by mail Morten: You need to measurre the diameter of your handlebars 3 cm from the middle. It's either 25,4 mm or 31,8 mm.
Here are the prices (1 euro = 7,50 kr.):
11QL – 440kr
11WR – 440kr
12WR – 485kr
12QL – 485kr
Just the plate:
11WR – 175kr
11QL – 175kr
12WR - 210kr
12QL – 210kr
More info: and Miry's Danske side.


3 weeks until camp: All the snow from the last weeks blizzard has melted and I got people in the woods doing the last surveys of the courses and maps. It looks like all maps most likely will be MTB-O standard anyway.
Be sure to check in here at the website a week before camp to get the latest news. I will post documents such as instruction, detailed itenary, driving instructions to all events, schedule for which training YOU are expected to help out by either putting out or gathering controls, and also the distribution of participants in the rooms of Feriecenter Slettestrand.
I will already now remind you to bring front and rear bicycle-lights since the nightsprint will be particially in public traffic areas (although I doubt any police will be around), a headlight for your helmet would probably come in very handy too but its not mandatory.
Also transportation to the (secret) starting point of the Høker Ultralongdistance Monday will be done in busses and a big truck. If you are fond of your bike, you might want to bring a thin blanket or something to protect it while on the truck. I will bring back blankets afterwards from the starting point.
If by now you know that you do not want to do all of the ultralong distance (M21: 85 km, W21/M21S/W21S: 50 km) Monday, write me a mail and you can help putting out or gather in controls instead if you like.
Myself and Feriecenter Slettestrand is looking forward to seeing you all in 3 weeks. Bring on your best smile and remember its all about having fun! (and getting some good kickass training done before the season begins).


I went to the MTB-O Camp area a week ago to draw some of the maps. January was very wet and warm and caused a lot of flooding in some of the terrains where we will be training. The locals said the water will be gone within the end of February. The accomodation proved to be very luxurious. Apartments have TV, video, DVD and nice furniture. They owners are building a new bike-workshop which should be ready for us when we arrive along with a shed for our bikes.
If you do not get enough exercise from the Camp there is also a fitness room and you can sign up for spinning classes.
If you bring kids there are playgrounds, indoor heated swimming pool (32 C) and fussball (bordfdbold) and pooltables. Perhaps we should arrange a little fussball competition. The bar has all 15 local Thy beers but you can also buy a special beer case in the recption with all 15 in a box.
The night sprint will finish outside the bar windows and the start will take place on a special launch pad/ramp.
Here are some pictures from Slettestrand.


News about classes: There will be 3 different courses at the competitions.
A) M21 = Elite men
B) W21 = Elite women and M21S (short course for men).
C) W21S = Womens' short course
I encourage inexperienced and slower riders to join their respective short class. Last year some of the competitors had trouble completing their courses within the timelimits. Bear in mind that the biggest loser each day in the elite classes will be riding the Black Jersey the following day! Check out which class you are signed up for here, and send me a mail if you want to change.


Just some formal stuff that needs to be announced, in case of any emergencies where the insurance will be involved: "The organizer of MTB-O Camp 2007 is solely OK Øst Birkerød."


No problems with transactions anymore. I have found all senders names.


Remember to put on your name when you transfer money. I have received 8 transactions withouta sender. Please check if your payment has been registered or look at the bottom of this page to see if its your money.
A couple of generous companies have become sponsors of the MTB-O Camp. There will be some great prizes in a draw each day of the camp.


Happy New Year! 54 competitors have confirmed their entries so far. Click to see if your payment has been registered.
The deadline for preliminary entries is 1st of January. After this date open spots will be offered to whoever comes first.
This website will thorughout the winter be updated with news and information.


Invitation is now available in both Danish and English.


The Invitation is almost complete and will be publiced on this website and by mail within the next 5 days.


All spots for the MTB-O Camp has now been filled. A waiting list has been created. Official inivitation will be publiced 1st of December with details on payment and how to complete your registration. Occupied spots from preliminary entries who do not want to participate anyway or fail to make payment will be offered to those on the waiting list. The Night-MTB-O is likely to be moved to Sunday night instead of friday due to late arrivals and Danish Night Championship in Kolding. Camp Champs will be held at Dronninglund Forest Wednesday April 4th.


Only 10 spots left at present time. In W21 the worldranked number 1, 3 and 8 has signed up for camp. Check out the list of participants.


The Camp Champs wednesday April 4th will not be in Hammer Bakker as posted due to forest restrictions and costly private owners. We are on the lookout for another suitable terrain.


I have had an unexpected number of entries already (among them several reigning or former world champions). Luckily I have been able to get more rooms at Feriecenter Slettestrand so the new upper limit for number of participants is 90.


Preliminary entries are now accepted (with no obligations). Send me a mail: to secure one of the 60 spots available.



Preliminary Invitation (fall 2006):


March 30th – April 4th 2007     Preseason MTB-O Training Camp

Welcome to Camp 2007 – Jammerbugten. In the North-West part of Denmark 5 days of great forests and fun await you. The camp is open for all mountainbike orienteerers but our main goal is to prepare elite riders for the new season.

There will be 2 trainings each day. Typically 1 competition with sportident and 1 technical training. Furthermore we will arrange sessions to help develop your skills like hill-climbing, balance when punching the control, fast change of tyre, bike maintenance, study of EOC and WOC maps and terrains of 2007.


We will be staying in apartments at Slettestrand Feriecenter just next to the forest Svinkløv. We will be served breakfast and dinner in the restaurant and there is a heated pool, tennis, horses and lots of other activities if you get tired of mountainbiking. The prices are very fair. 5 nights including meals and camp will be about 250 euros.


For more information:

Or contact:



Programme (subject to change)



Fri  15.00




Sat 10.00

Camp Cup 1

Vester Thorup (12 and 18 km)


Sat 15.30




Sun 10.30

Camp Cup 2

Tved (15 and 20 km)


Sun 14.00




Sun 21.00

Camp Cup 3

Slettestrand (5 km Night)


Mon 10.00


Ultra long (50 and 90 km)


Tue 10.00

Camp Cup 4

Vandet (13 and 17 km)


Tue 15.00

Camp Relay

Svinkløv (4 x 2,5 km)


Tue 18.30

Banquet and Beer


Wed 12.00

Camp Champs

Dronninglund (20 and 30 km)


If you want more orienteering there is a 3-day foot-orienteering event in nearby Rold Skov Thursday April 5th – Saturday April 7th where 2,000 participants are expected.



Map-extracts from the terrains we will be riding in:



Retro: MTB-O Camp 2006: Bornholm